We specialize in exterior painting and Gemini Pressure Washing. Exterior house painting requires different materials, and techniques from interior work, all exterior house paint materials have to be resistant to the elements, UV rays, humidity, Saprophytic Fungus. Ultra Violet sunlight after a time breaks down the materials in paint leaving chalky areas on walls, you can’t paint over a chalkboard, this chalk must be removed and the remainder bonded prior to house painting. Houses settle causing cracks in the cinder blocks even behind stucco, you may have seen what appears to be a stair line cracks, paint alone does not fix these cracks. Before exterior painting is done the cracks must be repaired. rotting wood also must be repaired . Exterior painting along with caulking and the proper repairs seals your house against the elements. So your home looks great and is protected for years to come!

  • Power Washing
  • Sealing / Water Proofing
  • Caulking
  • Brush, Roll and/or Spray Painting (Interior or Exterior)
  • Pool Deck Power Washing (optional)
  • Residential or Commercial Painting
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